Upcoming Projects:

for Burning Man 2019


Wings of Glory will be a giant interactive kinetic mechanical metal Pegasus sculpture, elevated on a pedestal and base. With a sculpted skeleton and most of the mechanics visible, the Pegasus will run and fly in slow motion, making 6 gallop and flap cycles per minute, all running off of one electric motor. The pedestal will be covered in moving, swirling cloud shapes. The Pegasus will also have a propane flame effect system that will shoot large flames out from certain points and spread out along channels, such as down the mane of the neck, along the wings, tail and body. Inside the base of the pedestal will be a room with information on the project and a Mini Mechanical Horse encased in Plexiglas. There will be 8 buttons on small stands along the perimeter of the base, where if 8 people coordinate to push all the buttons at the same time, they can make it run for 2 minutes. 

The project is in the final design stage now and construction will begin at the Buffalo Creek Art Center near Reno, NV, in May 2019. 

I am very honored to have just received the Burning Man Honorarium Grant of $15,000, and I am launching my first Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $15,000, to match the grant. This will secure the funds to cover the expenses for purchasing materials and parts to build Wings of Glory, and all other expenses such as transportation, operating and engineering fees.

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Here is a detailed list of the project expenses :



About Burning Man

And if you've never heard of Burning Man, well it's one of the largest Art and music festivals in the world, and I believe one of the most unique and interesting movements/social experiments, where thousands of people (80,000 last year) come from all over the world and camp in the middle of the desert in Nevada for an entire week. It's one of the things that makes the times that we live in now so special.

For more info please visit: www.burningman.org